The protests which started in the name of secularism, gradually became Communal [Hinduphobic] and then even worse, Anti National.

In the midnight of January 1990 the Kashmiri Hindu [Pandits] Men were asked to either Convert or Die or to go for an endless exile after leaving their women behind. This horror went on for the days in the slogan of “Pakistan se rishta kya – la ilaha illallaah”.

After 30 years, do we have any idea what a young Kashmiri Pandit is feeling after listening the same slogans in a twisted manner which were there in his childhood, in the National Capital and other premier universities as well as News Channels, “Tera Mera Rishta Kya”, “Jamia se rishta kya – la ilaha illallaah” & “Nara-e-taqbeer”.

Unlike the normal anti establishment agitations, protests against CAA/NRC have a 3rd side, an uncomfortable version which includes a communal colour.

Protests are the necessity of the democracy and secularism even more. But what happens when the protests in the name of secularism become “not so secular”. This is the story of CAA protests in the country. The society which asked to Not celebrate the Ram Mandir decision to maintain the social fabric [ and lot of people did not celebrate ] is now happily accepting the communal and anti national activities. Wow.


Let’s first start with the “Fu*k Hindutva”. From Rahul Gandhi to Ravish Kumar certain section of politicians and politically motivated journalists have already normalised the slogan by explaining you that “Hindutva” and “Hinduism” are two different thing, even though they’re “Completely Wrong”. And under this intellectual umbrella a particular section enjoys to practice his hate against other section by shouting “Hindutva Ki Kabar Khudegi” in the university premises. But this time in the process of hurting the sentiments by twisting the symbols, they went one level up by twisting the Nazi symbol into the sacred Hindu chant “ॐ” [ Om / Aum ]. Only an eye suffering from Blindness due to Political Correctness will not see an OM there.

This poster was allegedly at a CAA Protest in Bengaluru. The Nazi symbol was converted into the Hindu “ॐ”.

The “Khilafat 2.0” written on the walls scares me. Do those protestors who unknowingly support these kind of banners have any idea of what Khilafat was. It led to the unfortunate Moplah riots in which thousands of Hindus were brutally murdered. Now come to the most horrific part of the story. We as a civilisation are a serial offender of letting someone else to offend ourselves by either broking our temples & places of worships or abusing & criticizing our faith without even knowing an iota of it. And this time too we did nothing different.

Posters of “Fuck Hindutva ॐ” , “I Am Babari” , “Kali In Hijab” and the Attack on “Hanuman Mandir” in Bihar are some examples of Hinduphobia in CAA Protests.

A mob in Bihar’s Patna [Phulwari Sharif] went wild and attacked the “Hanuman Temple” there. They broke the Murti and harmed the structure. Ask yourself that what does the so called “Secular Protestors” have to do with any place of worship. Also, how much screen space did an attacked Hanuman Mandir get in the Magsaysay’s Prime Time.

Why does a protest by “Leave History Behind” kind of liberals need not just History but a Communal page of it.

Babari. Seriously! So would you guys also portray thousands of vandalized temples? Do you even know about Phulwari Sharif?

There’s a poster of “Goddess Kali In Hizab” too. Firstly, a Hindu God in an islamic tone is already an offense. Had it been the other way around, it was enough to get you brutally murdured. Secondly, Hizab is one of the most regressive practices even worse than Ghoonghat [its alleged Hindu counterpart] and on the other hand Maa Kali is the most fiercest among the Hindu deities and can be compared only to the Shiv’s Rudra or Vishnu’s GandBerunda. So this combination with no positive intent is just another attempt to demomise Hindutva [or Hinduism according to brainless intellectuals]. Moreover, I’m still waiting for a factchecker to disprove the alleged chant of “Jinnah Wali Azaadi”, “Hinduon se Azadi” & “Kaafiron se Azadi” in the protests. [ “Kafir” according to Islam are those who don’t believe in Allah, simply Non Muslims.]


It all started with Faiz. At least some think so. After getting the translation of a multilingual graffity on a wall of one University and using your brain you’ll be able to identify things.

A Graffiti during CAA Protests.

Hindi: “Sab Ek Hain”. We all are one.

English: “Secular India”.

Arabic: “la ilaha illallaah”. There’s only one god, Allah. And Allah is Greatest.

If you are still not getting the mischievous agenda behind it, then you have my empathy.

Now let’s talk about Faiz. He need not to be secular, one can celebrate him as an Islmaic poet. It is not at all against him even though he chose Pakistan. It’s never only about the literature, but about the context. You being a “woke” can sing Pakistan’s National Anthem anytime, but how much ethical it would have been during the Kargil War. See context. It’s about a secular protest taking power from the lines “sab but uthwaaye jaayenge/bas naam rahega allah ka”. Moreover, I am amazed to see the liberals explaining the society that lines like “allah hu akbar” are secular while on the first place they have declared “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” & “Vande Mataram” communal.

Arfa Khanum is Senior Editor of an online news portal named “The Wire”

From Kanhaiya Kumar & Umar Khalid to Ladeeda Sakhaloon and Ayesha Renna, in the need of urgent hero we make any anti establishment face our posterboy. I remember my classmate wrote in class’ whatsapp group in the early days of these protests about the Jamia Sheroes, “bhut strong thi yeh girls” simply translates to “these girls were very strong”.

Even the Likes of Shashi Tharoor were bashed by Shehla Rashid for pointing out Islamic fundamentalism in these protests which are evident from the social media profiles of Jamia poster girls Ladeeda Sakhaloon & Ayesha Renna.

But we have been betrayed first by Umar Khalid who compared Burhan Wani [a terrorist] to Che Guevera [a communist hero] and now by Ladeeda Sakhaloon who proudly rejects the secular slogans & admires jihad and Ayesha Renna who mourned the death of Yakub Memon.

This doesn’t end here. You can understand the magnitude of this as someone like Shashi Tharoor, one of very few sane voices from the certain side, called on the Islamic fundamentalism in the CAA Protests and appealled to not use the slogans like “la ilaha illallaah” & “Tera Mera Rishta Kya”. But Shehla Rashid a friend of Umar-Kanhaiya and famous among the woke liberals took on Shashi Tharoor. She shamelessley claimed that the movement is sustained by muslims [denying every non muslim protestor’s contribution] and perhaps found tharoor guilty of writing books about Hinduism and asked to not appropriate their movement.

Anti National

It’s cool to get called “Anti National” these days for some wokes. They will start giving you names like “sanghi”, “bhakt” or “IT Cell” and throw the “Certificate of Nationalism” slang on you. But tell me one simple thing. What would you call a girl proudly raising a “Free Kashmir” poster in her hand with absolutely no sign of shame. And after getting afraid of huge unnecessary negative attention she is giving excuses of Internet Shutdown in Kashmir. Are we this much stupid. Even though I’m a postgraduate but it doesn’t even take the mind of kindergarten kid to get the intention behind poster. How dare you raising that poster. This is a straight Anti National activity which would be simply normalised by the liberals as if this never happened.

Now if you’re thinking that she was just one case and how much impact can a mere protestor make. This was not in any street of Class Two Indian city, it was Gateway of India, Mumbai. That protest includes the likes of Tapsee Pannu, Anurag Kashyap, Anubhav Sinha and hundreds other. I hope that if anyone of that big names had seen, they would have resisted the girl and I would give benefit of doubt to them. But there were hundreds other. Are you telling me to believe that No one saw the poster there. Not one single person. Please. Those who saw and ignored everyone had this mentality. Moreover these “Free Kashmir” posters are now flying from Mysore to St. Stephens College, Delhi [Kashmir Azaad Karo] with the pathetic excuse of “Internet Shutdown”.

With all due respect to the genuine protestors, I would say that something bitter and dangerous than mere ideological difference got shelter under the umbrella of CAA Protests. All those yelling at the government that this atmosphere is not according to the dream of our freedom fighters, let me tell you this too, that they did not dream of “attacked temple”, “Fu*k Hindutva ॐ”, “Jinnah Wali Azadi” & “Azad Kashmir” either.